Our Point-to-Point courrier services are second to none, contact us today!

  • General deliveries are pick-up and deliver within 4 hours.
  • Express deliveries are pick-up and deliver within 2 hours.
  • Direct deliveries are pick-up ASAP and immediate delivery with confirmation "Proof of Delivery" phone call to sender.
  • Tollways are used when available on Express and Direct deliveries.
Courier General CG 0-25Kgs 4 hour ETA.
Courier Express CX 0-25kgs 2 hour ETA.
Courier Direct CD 0-25kgs Priority Service.
Half Tonne General HTG 26-500kgs 4 hour service.
Half Tonne Express HTX 26-500kgs 2 hour service.
Half Tonne Direct HTD 26-500kgs Priority Service.
1 Tonne General 1TG 500-1 Tonne 4 hour ETA.
1 Tonne Express 1TX 500-1 Tonne 2 hour ETA.
1 Tonne Direct 1TD 500-1 Tonne

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