Amalgamated Distribution & Taxi Trucks has a fleet of Taxi Trucks ranging from 1 tonne to Semi-Trailers, ensuring that any unexpected freight event is overcome with a time effective resolution.

Our Taxi Truck Fleet
Our Taxi Truck fleet is the most convenient and cost sensitive way of moving larger or time critical items. Our operators advise availability and price. Up to 1 tonne take advantage of our competitive Point-to-Point courier fixed rates and above 1 tonne choose from 2 tonne to a Semi.

  • 1 Tonne / 2 Tonne / 3 Tonne / 4 Tonne / 6 Tonne / 8 Tonne / 10 Tonne / 12 Tonne.
  • Semi Trailers and Tailgates all are available for hourly or permanent hire.
  • Charge is from Pick-Up to Pick-Up.
  • Minimum hire for 1 tonne vans is one hour.
  • All other vehicles minimum hire of two hours.
  • One pallet space equals one tonne.
  • Loads requiring fork lift handling or specifying trays are charged at hourly rates.

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