Amalgamated Distribution & Taxi Trucks are Melbourne’s premier distribution, Taxi Truck and courier services company. We cover the Metropolitan Melbourne area and offer services such as:

  • Distribution of Break Bulk Inter/Intrastate pallets and parcels
  • Collection, and consolidation of pallets and parcels, for Interstate/ Intrastate collection
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight throughout Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight to the Mornington Peninsular and Geelong
  • Prepaid stickers service
  • On demand/Permanent vehicle hire
  • Point-to-Point Couriers
  • Taxi Truck services
  • Transport Consultation
  • Victorian Country Overnight service

Please contact our Sales Representatives for any additional services required on (03) 9269 7000.

Prepaid Parcel Deliveries
Amalgamated Distribution & Taxi Trucks operates a scheduled parcel delivery service using prepaid stickers. An effective and simple method of recording, costing and tracking your deliveries.

Distribution Services
Our volume distribution service offers the same delivery schedule and areas as the Prepaid system, but allows the larger volume user sending 40 plus despatches per day to take advantage of rates that are competitive with traditional overnight companies.

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